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Ultimate Burris Fastfire 3 Review

The Burris Fastfire 3 is a long time solid performer , in the Micro Red Dot Sight (MRDS ) class. Competition shooters, hunters, and firearms enthusiasts will find the Fastfire 3 an excellent choice as their go-to optic.

This feature-complete optic is durable and versatile, backed by a lifetime no questions asked warranty; you cannot go wrong with this optic.

This Burris Fastfire 3 red dot sight review will cover the specifications and features in-depth and in as much detail as possible.

We’ll see what other shooters’ experiences have been with this sight and cover some common questions and answers about this MRDS.

Best Budget Option 2 Pistol Red Dot Sight

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Burris Fast Fire 3 Review

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Colorado, Burris optics has a decades-long track record of providing high-quality optics to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement, competition shooters, and hunters.

Burris optics are primarily manufactured in the Philippines yet are still known for their high quality and durability.

The Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot sets the standard for affordable, high-quality optics.

This optic is a simple yet feature-complete sight that is easy to use and adjust to the needs of the shooter.

You can expect this sight to holds up in austere environments and work wonderfully on a pistol, shotgun, carbine, and rifle platforms. 

Burris Fastfire III

Bottom Line Up Front

The Burris Fastfire 3 is an economical and versatile sight that delivers high value for the price. For under $300, this optic delivers an incredible value for a red dot sight in this class.

Many shooters have sworn by the versatile functionality, demonstrating that this sight really is an incredibly economical option for any shooting platform.

We don’t hesitate to recommend this optic for shooters of any skill level, whether it’s your primary optic or an affordable backup, should your primary become inoperable.

You will not find a greater value for the price than you do with this optic; it gets the job done and will not break the bank.

Whether you are a casual shooter or spend every day at the range, this sight will make an affordable and reliable addition to your rig.

Top Features of the Burris Fast Fire Three reflex sight


The Burris Fastfire 3 is made of aluminum with a matte black anodized finish. Incredibly lightweight, it weighs in at only 1.5 ounces with the battery installed.

 This optic includes a protective cover that can slide over the sight to protect it from various bumps, and collisions shooters might encounter at the range or in other operational scenarios.

The Fastfire uses high-grade optical glass to provide excellent brightness and clarity as well as durability.

The lens is coated with index-matched Hi Loom multi-coating to eliminate glare and provide a high level of performance in low light.

This optic is water-resistant and shockproof, providing reliability in its operation and allowing it to be utilized with almost any weapon system.

This sight has a very small profile compared to some other optics in the MRDS class, measuring at 1.9 inches long and 1 inch wide, with a height of 1 inch


The Burris Fastfire comes in two reticle option models. A 3 MOA red dot reticle or an 8 MOA red dot reticle.

 Choosing between these two MOA’s is a matter of shooter preference; a smaller reticle provides the shooter more precision at mid-range, while a larger MOA can be more user-friendly for close-quarters use.  

The optic has a sight window of .82” x .59”.

Fastfire 3

3 MOA reticle of the Burris Fast Fire

Example of 8 MOA reticle model

The optic has four automatic brightness settings and three manual settings that can be selected via the power button on the left side of the sight.

It comes with an automatic light adjustment that uses a sensor to cue the brightness level of the red dot automatically depending on ambient light conditions wherever the shooter is operating.

The operator can manually cycle between the three brightness settings of a high, medium, and low brightness.


The Burris Fastfire 3 is powered by a single CR1632 battery. The battery is located on top of the sight and is accessible by using a slot-head screwdriver.

The ease of access to the battery on top of the sight has become a standard feature in many MRDS optics, allowing shooters to replace the battery without unmounting the sight and requiring re-zeroing.

The battery life on the Burris Fastfire 3 comes in at about 5000 hours at the max brightness settings.

The Fastfire lacks a motion-sensing “shake awake” system, but the optic will shut off automatically after 9 hours of use.

It also has a battery-saving sleep mode that can be activated by putting on the optics’ protective cover. When battery life falls below 4 hours remaining, the red dot will begin to blink twice every 5 seconds to alert the user to the battery’s status.

Elevation and windage adjustment dials are located on the top and the right sides of the sight, respectively. These can be adjusted using a slot-head screwdriver as well.

Adjustments for the Fastfire 3 are one Minute of Angle (MOA) per click with an elevation adjustment range of +-115 MOA and a windage adjustment range of +-86 MOA.

This is an adequate adjustment range providing shooters with the ability to adjust their red dot to hit targets at a variety of distances.


The Fastfire 3 is available for purchase with a Picatinny/Weaver mount or without the mount.

Purchasing the sight without the mount will allow you to choose one that best fits your application.

Fastfire 3 Mounted at a 45 for CQB with a carbine


Included with your purchase: 

  • Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot Sight
  • 2 #6×48 Screws with Torx® socket head for installing the sight on the mounting plate 
  • 1 Torx® Wrench 
  • 1 Protective Cover
  • 1 Lithium Battery 3V (CR1632) 
  • User Guide 
  • Weaver/Picatinny-style Mount (on select models)

Click here to get a copy of the Fastfire 3 manual and the Glock MOS installation guide for the Fastfire.

Other Great Features

The Burris Fastfire 3 comes with a no questions asked, lifetime warranty. This warranty not only applies to the initial owner of the optic but any future owners of the optic as well. No receipt needed! 

Burris Fastfire 3 Specifications Overview:


3 MOA Dot/ 8 MOA Dot

Brightness Setting

4 Auto Adjusting/ 3 Manual Levels

Light Source




Unlimited Eye Relief


Parallax Free


Battery Type


Battery Life

5000-10000 Hours

Adjustment per click


Windage adjustment

+- 86 MOA

Elevation adjustment

+- 115 MOA

Storage temperature

-40 to + 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Working temperature

-10 to + 130 degrees Fahrenheit

Housing material


Surface Finish

Matte Black


1.5 oz

Window Size

21mm x 15mm; .82” x .59”

Dimensions (in)

(LxWxH) 1.9” x 1.0” x 1.0”

Pros vs Cons – Fastfire 3 Reflex Sight.

The Pros

The Fastfire 3 is an easy to utilize, user-friendly RDS that just about anyone could pick up and shoot accurately with. Simple, sleek, and functional; this optic will get the job done with minimal adjustments.

The battery life on this optic is above average, with battery life ranging from 5000 hours all the way up to a whopping 10000 hours, depending on brightness settings used.

This sight will keep on keeping on for even the most active of shooters. Not having to worry about swapping out batteries frequently is an incredible value-added for almost any shooter.

Elevation and windage adjustments are easy to access and provide a large range of adjustment, making this versatile sight ideal for just about any shooting situation. Shooters will find this sight quick and easy to zero.

The brightness adjustment button takes a good amount of pressure to click, meaning that bumping or scuffing the sight is unlikely to result in an unexpected brightness change.

This, along with a shockproof rating of up to 1000Gs, adds to the overall reliability and ruggedness of this optic.

The Cons

While the battery life more than makes up for it, some shooters will find that the 8-hour runtime before sleep mode is activated is a sticking point. Motion sensing shake awake would have been a nice addition here.

Although an awesome pick for short and mid-range distances, this optic is not the best option for longer distances.

There is no Automatic ON function, so every time a shooter wishes to use their weapon, they will have to manually turn the optic on to use it.

Many shooters report that they cannot accommodate their pistol in a concealed carry holster with this optic without altering their holster to fit the sight.

If you are still unsure if the Burris Fastfire 3 is the right optic for you, check out our “5 Best Red Dot Sight Review and Buyers Guide”.

Best place to buy the Burris Fastfire 3

We recommend purchasing the Burris Fastfire 3 from Amazon.com. With reliable pricing and quick shipping with a Prime membership, it is simply the best place to buy this sight.

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Common questions about the Burris Fastfire 3

Can I remove the Picatinny mount and use another mounting system?

Yes, the Burris Fastfire 3 can be used with non-Picatinny rail systems; shooters can even purchase the optic without a Picatinny rail if they have a different mounting system they prefer to use.

Are star washers included with the mount for use with the Glock MOS?

Star washers are not included with the mounting system, however, Burris Customer Service will provide the washers to shooters wishing to mount the FFIII on the Glock MOS.

What kind of holster will accommodate my pistol using this sight?

 Safariland’s ALS line of concealed carry holsters is one option we have found that can hold most pistols using this optic. Many shooters have reported that they have custom altered their holsters themselves to ensure their weapon fits well with the sight. Some holster manufacturers also offer alterations to their products to meet specific shooter needs such as this.

Customer feedback for the Fastfire 3

The Burris FFIII has a 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon, with 71% of user reviews being five stars. We took a look at what some customers have to say about this optic, and this is what we have found.

Quality: “The quality is just as good as other optics out there that are two or three times as much as the FFIII. I’ve put 1200 rounds through my pistol with this optic, and it has worked flawlessly. This sight does not disappoint.”

Price:  “Don’t think for a minute that you’re getting an inferior product in the Fastfire 3 just because it sells for less than half the price of the Trijicon or DeltaPoint. Burris has done a great job with this sight, and I can honestly say there is nothing I want in a red dot sight that the Fastfire 3 doesn’t do. I highly recommend it.”

Accuracy: “These are incredibly lightweight, tough, bright, and easy to zero, and they hold their zero. I’ve tested on Ruger Mk1 and Mk3 pistols and a 12 gauge shotgun, and both 5.56 .308 rifles. Zero issues, great target visibility, and accuracy. They don’t seem to be bothered by recoil at all. The dot is clean, and the brightness levels are perfect for sunny, cloudy, or low light conditions.”

Warranty: “The warranty cannot be overlooked in a product like this that takes so much of a beating, and the Burris Forever Warranty absolutely can not be beaten.”

Variations of the Fastfire 3 

The Burris Fastfire 3 has two variations, the Burris Fastfire 3 (300235) 3 MOA Red Dot and the Burris Fastfire 3 (300237) 8 MOA Red Dot.

Alternate Red Dot Sight Options