We take a in-depth look at the best red dot sights providing you with detailed reviews on which sight is best for all of your shooting, hunting or tactical needs.

Best Holosun Red Dot For a Pistol

Holosun continues to gain popularity among a growing community of red dot sight enthusiasts. 

In this review, we will bring you the very best Holosun for a pistol in four categories.

So whether you are a casual shooter, serious competitor, hunter, or require a red dot optic in the self-defense/on-duty role, we got you covered.  

Let’s get to it.

Holosun Red Dot Pistol SIghts

Best Holosun For a Pistol

  • Best overall- HE508T-RD X2
  • Best for conceal carry- HS507K X2 
  • Best enclosed emitter- HE509T 
  • Best budget option- HS407c X2

*Details and specifications below.

Advantage of Using A Red Dot Sight on a Pistol

Red Dot Sights eliminate the optical gymnastics necessary to focus on your target while simultaneously observing and aligning the front and rear iron sights in the foreground. 

Don't get me wrong, iron sites served many a shooter well, and they were the best technology available at the time.

But with today’s highly reliable red dot technologies, using your eyes as they were intended, both eyes open and focusing on the threat, has its benefits. 


When using a red dot sight, most handgun users will experience faster target acquisition and greater accuracy. They are also likely to see an increase in successful target engagements at further distances. 

Another benefit is a broader view resulting in greater situational awareness and the ability to transition through multiple targets rapidly.

One word of caution here, this is not plug and play. Whether you are an accomplished pistoleer or a brand new shooter, practice is required to gain this skill just like any other.

Best Overall Holosun For a Pistol

HE508T-RD X2

The 508T is quite possibly the best reflex style micro red dot sight for a pistol on the market. Fully capable in any handgun role. This reliable optic is a top recommendation for Law enforcement and military use along with personal defense applications.

  • Rugged construction engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • Always on capability with a 50k hr battery life and Solar Failsafe. 
  • High-quality optics for a clear target picture and a crisp reticle dot.
  • Auto/Manual modes, multi reticle tailorable to your unique requirements

Best Holosun Closed Emitter For a Pistol



Some handgun applications may call for a closed emitter.  Whether it’s the environment or shooter preference, the Holosun 509T is a quality optic that will perform with the highest standards. Many shooters like the closed emitter design to ensure that foreign debris does not block the emitter.

  • Titanium housing construction for a strong yet lightweight optic.
  • Versatile mounting options to support a wide variety of applications. 
  • Dual power system combining solar and conventional battery power.
  • Water and dust resistant for uninterrupted operation in varying environments.  

Best Holosun For Concealed Carry 

Side View of 507K X2

HS507K X2

Specifically designed for the concealed carry role, the 507K sports a streamlined, compact size. Built with the same high-quality Holosun standards, the optics lightweight solid construction is perfect for every day carry.

  • Small form factor and low profile are perfect for keeping a tiny footprint. 
  • Shake Awake technology ensures the sight is on when you need it and saving power when you don't. 
  • Side-mounted battery tray eliminating the requirement to remove  and re-zero optic after change battery
  • Designed with the micro pistol in mind.

Best Budget Holosun For a Pistol

HS407C X2

Not all red dot sights applications are life or death. The Holosun 407c could undoubtedly be used during a self-defense incident but is best suited to more casual environments.  Reasonably priced and still feature-rich, this red dot sight is the perfect option for those wanting to get their feet wet.

  • Budget-friendly quality construction for a durable solid performer.  
  • Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies included.
  • Super LED and precision electronics enable 50k hours of battery life.
  • Single 2 MOA reticle for precision engagements at increased distances.

Holosun has a pretty impressive line up concerning reflex style red dots for a handgun. It is also worth mentioning that Holosun does exceptionally well compared to other manufactures in the best red dot sight for a pistol category. 

Holosun Technologies

Every red dot sight manufacture brings something to the table in terms of technologies and features. In my estimation, Holoson has done an excellent job at bringing innovative solutions that makes their optics so popular with so many shooting enthusiasts.

A few key technologies and design choices make some of these optics a top choice in their class. I will cover the ones most important when defining the best Holosun for a pistol. 

Holosun Elite Series

A few ago, Holosun began offering what it calls the Elite series, designated by the HE in the optics model number. There are two things to consider about the Elite series that I think are important when selecting a reflex style micro red dot sight for your handgun. 

The first is optic body durability. And with the Elite series, you get a housing  machined from a single piece of Grade 5 Titanium. 

A quick word about 7075-T6 Aluminum vs. Grade 5 Titanium. 7075 Aluminum is an extremely durable material and a more than adequate material to provide a durable optic housing.  The significant benefit of Grade 5 Titanium is the strength to weight advantage. Titanium is slightly heavier than 7075 but is much stronger overall, and so it requires significantly less material  making the final product extremely light in comparison but as strong or stronger.

The other key advantage included with the elite series is the Holosuns VIP warranty. The warranty includes lifetime coverage for the housing and glass and ten years for the electronics and LED.

You can find all of the warranty specifics at holosun.com.

Solar Failsafe 

The Solar Failsafe feature has been an innovation that sets the Holosun red dot sights apart from other manufacturers.  This technology features a photo-diode array that acts as both a sensor and a solar cell to generate solar electric power.

The array combined with a battery makes up Holsouns dual power system. The optic is powered via solar when there is enough ambient light available. When the necessary light levels are not available, the sight operates from a shooter’s single coin lithium battery.

The array is also a light sensor that sets the reticle intensity based on the existing light conditions. When in manual mode, the brightness level is set by the shooter, and the sight is powered exclusively from the battery.

Shake Awake 

The Shake Awake technology is an integrated motion sensor that allows the optic to enter a sleep mode. The sight remains on, but the illuminated reticle is powered down. This feature can extend the battery life operating hours substantially depending on your application. 

This is an excellent feature for the home defense role or something similar where the pistol may remain motionless for an hour, days, or weeks. 


Holosun has incorporated an EOTech like reticle pattern in its reflex style optics. For most of its red dot sights, for a pistol, you can toggle between a 2 MOA dot and A 32 MOA circle or the combination of both.

2 MOA dot - Combined 2MOA dot 32 MOA Circle - 32 MOA circle

I like the single 2 MOA dot, but I think this is a matter of personal preference. 

Since we are talking about handgun mounted operations, the large 32 MOA circle is designed for close-quarter engagements and will not obscure targets; this is a common occurrence with targets and intermediate distance and large reticles. 

Holosun Technologies Quick Reference Chart


Elite Series

Solar Failsafe

Shake Awake


2 MOA & 32 MOA



2 MOA & 32 MOA



2 MOA & 32 MOA



2 MOA only

Mounting Your Holosun On a Pistol 

When mounting a red dot to a pistol, my preferred method is to mount it directly to an optic ready pistol slide.  There are a few other methods that work well and maybe more suitable for your specific application. 

An unfortunate oncome of the increased popularity of red dot sights is the varying mounting footprints and standard for each.  But that is for another day.

Let’s talk some specifics when it comes to these Holosun pistol optics. You may need an adapter with any of the sights; you should consult Holosun directly for your particular mounting situation. 

Mounting HE508T-RD X2 And The HS407 X2

The Holosun HE508T-RD X2 and the HS407 X2 both use the Trijicon RMR standard footprint. The footprint has two sockets located in the front to receive pins from the mount/adapter. There are two holes to the rear of the optic for mounting screws.

Mounting The HS507K

The Holosun 507K uses a modified shield RMSc/Romeo Zero footprint.  Normally the Shield footprint has four indexing pins, two in the front and two in the back. For the 507K to fit, the rear pins need to be removed, and the front pins must be shorted in height. 

Some optic-ready pistols don’t require this modification, so it’s best to contact Holosun with your specific requirements.

Mounting The HE509T-RD

The Holosun 509T can be mounted directly on a Picatinny/Weaver rail. The optic comes with an adapter plate to mount on an optic ready pistol with an RMR standard footprint. 

You can also purchase other adapter plates for your specific footprint application.

Some Feedback For Holousn

I would not qualify these items as Holosun problems, only things that we think would make these optics even that much better.

  • Incorporate larger buttons to ease manipulation.
  • Multiple reticle color options for all the sights.  
  • Make the Elite warranty standard for all of the optics.
  • Modify adjustment screws to allow for adjustment using a spent casing instead of a tiny flat edge.

Final Thoughts

All of these red dot sights from Holosun have performed well and have proven reliable, able to withstand the extreme forces encountered on a semiauto handgun. 

Holosun seems to be very receptive to the marketplace and its customers, and this has been demonstrated in the continued innovations include an updated version.  

We will continue to evaluate the performance Holosun has standardized in their optics and bring you and future updates as they manifest themselves.


It is without reservation that I recommend Holosun products.

If you require a red dot sight for a pistol, and your intended use is for duty, military, or self-defense, then the Holosun HE508T-RD X2 is our number one recommendation in this role. 

If your intended use is more casual and constrained by a lower budget, then the HS407C is a great way to break into the red dot sight arena. 

In the end, all of these optics will not disappoint you in whatever pistol application you need to fill.